All currently enrolled Ohio University Students are welcome to participate in the EXPO Pitch Competition, even if they are not already presenting at the Student EXPO.

To participate, the following is required:


One Page Written Summary: You will be required to submit a one-page summary of your concept or idea by Wednesday, April 4.  Instructions for submitting this document are available here, and assistance will be provided in the workshop (optional for fast pitch, mandatory for full pitch).  SUBMITTING THIS DOCUMENT IS REQUIRED for competition participation.  When complete, you can submit your summary using the link on the Submit Summary Page.

Judges will review applicants and select finalists for the competition by April 6. You will receive an email confirming your status and presentation schedule on or before April 9.

Pitch Competition: You will be scheduled to pitch your idea on the day of the Expo, April 12, 2018. We will work with you to ensure your pitch does not conflict with your Expo presentation time. Be sure to return to the pitch location for the announcement of winners at the end of the Expo!


Presentation Materials: You will be required to submit your presentation materials by 5pm on Wednesday, April 11. SUBMITTING THESE MATERIALS IS REQUIRED for competition participation.

Participants in the EXPO competition are encouraged to also enter this year’s International Video Pitch Competition.  Please note, the deadline for submissions to the video pitch is March 19.