Judging Rubric

If you are selected as a finalist, you will be expected to understand the following:

At the Pitch Competition you will be asked to make a verbal presentation to a panel of judges, be prepared for a Q&A and to submit a one-page summary of your idea.

You will be judged based on the following:

  1. Quality of your idea—innovative thinking and degree of forward planning
  2. Quality of your presentation—style, vision, capacity for audience engagement
  3. Your Summary —how concisely and effectively you have summarized your idea

Here’s how those categories will be scored:

Quality of Idea: Value Proposition, Innovation, Degree of Planning (60 points)
  • Value Proposition (20 points)
  • Degree of Innovation (20 points)
  • Other Elements – Market, Finance, etc. (20 points)
Quality of Presentation: Style, Vision, Engagement (60 points)
  • Audience Engagement (20 points)
  • Communication of Plan (20 points)
  • Overall Oral Presentation (20 points)
Quality of Summary: Effective, Concise, Well-Presented (60 points)
  • Effective Summary (20 points)
  • Quality of Language (20 points)
  • Overall Written Presentation (20 points)

Technology including a laptop and projector will be available for your presentations. Please be sure your materials are PC compatible.

There is no dress code for the presentations, but we do encourage professionalism!